Television Filming at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK

(Robin, Lindsay and Richard Roberts and Kim on the Set of "The Hour of Healing" TV Program after filming.)

We consider it a privilege to Minister in Music on "The Hour of Healing" Television Show with ORU President and First Lady, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts. The Program is seen literally around the world on Local and Cable Systems, Sky Angel Satellite, ABC Family Television and The God Channel Satellite (in Europe) as well as on the Internet. (Check local listings for airtime in your area.) Below are photos from an indoor and outdoor filming.

Following the Floor Director during Soundcheck...

Going to Camera Four...

Robin and Kim singing one of their original songs, "Thank You, Thank You Jesus, You're so good to me!!"

Arriving at the outdoor "Hour of Healing" TV shoot on the ORU Campus.

The outdoor camera lights and rigging are almost all in place.

Preparing to do a Sound Check.

The Television Crew behind the cameras.

After our Sound Check, we waited for it to get dark to begin filming the Television Program.

Robin and Kim singing while the cameras are rolling.

Robin and Kim beneath the Prayer Tower at ORU.

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